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This week we had the pleasure of a guest speaker, award winning wildlife photographer Tom Langlands. His presentation was both interesting and inspiring. He not only had expertise in photographing wildlife but was also able to talk about the impact of environmental changes on wildlife. That these issues are not just something that is happening ‘out there’ was brought home when he mentioned the problems faced by barnacle geese, winter residents at Caerlaverock, who return home to Svalbard where melting ice forces polar bears to turn to egg hunting as access to their natural hunting grounds diminishes. He mentioned too the drastically falling numbers of starlings, now  shockingly on the IUCN Red List of endangered species.  Having marvelled at the starling murmurations over Rigg this is a sad state of affairs.

One of our themes for the October Photo of the Month is inspired by Tom. This will be ‘background’ as Tom showed how creating the right background for your subject can  make all the difference to whether an image pops.

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