The Club shall be called “Annan Camera Club”.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Club is to provide a forum where any members of the community may meet to share their interest in the art of photography, including photo-editing and printing, and exchange knowledge and techniques.

The objective of the Club is to further an understanding of photography by holding regular meetings, to include lectures, practical workshop sessions, discussions and holding competitions, both internal and external with other clubs, although submitting entries to such competitions will not be compulsory.


Membership is open to any person, without nomination, regardless of their ability, who is interested in photography and wishes to become a member.

Classes of membership are:

  •  Full member
  •  Junior member – below the age of sixteen, however they must be accompanied to all meetings by aresponsible adult member over the age of sixteen.


    The level of subscription payable shall be reviewed annually at the Annual General Meeting. Prospective new members to the Club will be allowed two visits before their subscription becomes due.

    Annual General Meeting (AGM)

    An AGM will be held each year, generally in the first week in May. The Secretary will give members written notice of the date of such meeting at least two weeks in advance of it taking place.

    The business shall include, but may not be limited to:

  •  Minutes of the previous AGM
  •  Statement of accounts from the Treasurer
  •  Update on any special events held during the current session
  •  Competition results and award winners
  •  Review of membership fees
  •  Election of Officers
  •  Ideas from the members for next year’s programme
  •  Any other businessThe Notice of the meeting shall give Notice of any Motions which are proposed to be discussed at the AGM

    Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

    An EGM may be called by the Club Committee or at the request of at least three members of the Club. This meeting will be held on a date within 6 weeks of such a request being received by the Secretary or the Chairman. Members will be informed in writing of the date and the reason for the EGM; details of any proposals shall be included with this Notice. No other business will be discussed at this EGM.


    A quorum of at least 8 members or two thirds of the total membership, whichever is the lesser, shall be required to attend the meeting in order that the AGM or EGM may proceed.

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Officers of the Club

In order to conduct the affairs of the Club, the Club Committee shall be elected (or may be re-elected) each year at the AGM. The Club Committee shall be comprise of the following Officers as a minimum:-

  •  Chairman – the main spokesperson for the Club who will conduct the AGM and any other meetings of the Club. The Chairman will have a casting vote as well as a deliberate vote in any business of the AGM or EGM where the numbers of votes cast for and against a motion are tied.
  •  Secretary – deals with correspondence on behalf of the Club also keeping all records, other than financial records. The Secretary will endeavour to prepare and circulate Minutes of the AGM and any EGM within 4 weeks of the meeting taking place. The Secretary will keep an up to date record of members’ contact details, although these may not be passed onto any third parties without the prior consent of the member concerned.
  •  Treasurer – manages the Club’s finances, collects membership fees and maintains an accurate record of all income and expenditure incurred by the Club. The Treasurer will deposit all income, except petty cash, in the Club’s bank account and keep all bank statements up to date and available for viewing by the committee upon request. The Treasurer will provide a detailed financial report at the AGM and propose the level of subscription for the following year.For the issue of any cheques on the Club’s behalf, two signatures will be required for authorisation; this will normally be the Treasurer plus either the Chairman or the Secretary.

    In addition, there may be appointed the following Committee members, each of whom may also be one of the preceding members:-

  •  Competition Secretary – organises internal and external competitions, keeps a record of competition results and individual members’ results for awards and maintains a record of members’ entries in competitions.
  •  Expeditions Secretary – organises trips, visits and outings for members of the Club.
  •  Social Secretary – organises social events for members of the Club.
  •  Web Master – maintains the Club’s website, updating it as necessary.
  •  Press Officer – submits articles for inclusion in the local or national press to raise awareness of the Club,organises posters for advertising the Club’s existence to recruit new members.

    Sub-committees may be formed when deemed appropriate by the activities of the Club for events such as arranging exhibitions or organising outings.

    Dissolution of the Club

    In the event that the Club’s funds are insufficient to maintain its operation, or if membership numbers are so low that continuance of the Club is impractical, then a decision may be taken to wind up the Club’s activities. This decision will only be taken at an AGM or an EGM where all current members have been given appropriate notice as defined above. Distribution of the Club’s remaining assets will be decided at the meeting, with any monies being donated to a charitable or similar voluntary organisation as agreed by those present at the meeting.


    Amendments to this constitution may be made at an AGM or an EGM where all current members have been given appropriate notice as defined above. The proposed change shall be made if the majority of the members present at the meeting agree to the proposal.

4 May 2017



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