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Dumfries & Galloway is a magical place for those that enjoy nature and taking photos of wildlife. It’s fair to say  a good number of our members are hunters, that is they love to be out & about with their cameras hunting for that special wildlife shot.


It’s mating time for our frogs, and I have been enjoying watching the antics going on in our garden pond over the last week or two. I have seen as many as 8 little heads poking up through the masses of Canadian pond weed when I go out into the garden, they quickly dive when I get close but after 20 minutes or so resume their antics. In order to stay down for any length of time frogs need to absorb oxygen through their skin when submerged. Another interesting fact about frogs – see how big the eyes are- they are needed not just for vision but actually are pulled back in to help the frog push its whole prey down into its stomach!  Jean Robson

Froggy Went a-Courtin’ -Photographer Jean Robson


On Sunday morning the sun was shining so we set off for a trip along the Solway coast and decided to pop into RSPB Mersehead which is a lovely nature reserve . The light for photographing was perfect and there was lots around to capture. My highlight of the day was this Kestrel who was having a good old hover among the reed beds obviously looking for something tasty for lunch !  Caroline Legg

Picture were taken at the car park in Langholm. Hand held with my canon 7D MKII and canon 100-400 lens. The heron was on the other side of the river. John Dickson.

I’m Watching – Photographer John Dickson

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