Antartica Presentation

After our Christmas break the club is back into full swing. Already we have had sessions that include table top studio work, photoshop tutorials, advise on lens filters, a critique night and much more. Last thursday our members enjoyed a presentation given by members Jean and John Robson on their return from their trip to the antarctic. They bagged some stunning images and gave a fascinating insight into this special place as you can see here.

N.B. You can enjoy more images at Jean’s Flickr page here.

“Antartica coupled with South Georgia is a unique location that offers quite an assault to all the senses. Our presentation to the Club last week was an attempt to convey some elements of this from a recent visit there.
The Region hosts an abundance of wildlife, with whales, seals, penguins and other bird-life all never failing to charm, but also having a definite undertone of vulnerability as they strive to exist on the edges of an extreme and hostile environment. There were many other contrasts in the sights and scenes we were exposed to. There was a peacefulness and serenity in a frozen silence, but an underlying threat from the power of the elements never feels very far away. There were signs there too of the human stories with remnants of past whaling industries, of Shackleton’s epic journey of survival to South Georgia and of more recent scientific monitoring and research stations.
These along with the huge scale of the vistas, the immense sense of wilderness and remoteness, combined to create a significant feeling of respect and responsibility to preserve its raw nature.
 It is a photographer’s dream location and we hope we were able to give it justice in the presentation.”
John Robson
King penguin
Fur seal

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