A Day in the Garden

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I found myself home alone – a rare occurrence – on a lovely spring-like morning, hence a perfect opportunity to try out my new tripod which was a Christmas gift from the family. I love sitting in the garden observing the birds, so out I went to see if I could capture anything worth saving. I used the knowledge gained over the past few weeks from the lovely folk at Annan Camera Club and was pleasantly surprised with some of the results. I was especially pleased to capture my little friend Robbie the robin as I have tried all winter to get a decent shot of him. I also got a few good shots of blue tits and coal tits who are also resident in the large bushes in my garden. I used my Nikon D7000 camera and a Tamron 70-300mm – f/4.0 -5.6 lens I was brave enough to use manual mode and set it to f5.6 ISO 500 1/250 . I still have lots and lots to learn but with the help of the Camera Club hopefully I will continue to improve and take some more photos that I can be really proud of.



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